#1 HOW TO EXPERIENCE MORE MAGIC - Explorative and meditative conversations

"Noam is a winning combination of brutal honesty, humour, constant curiosity and natural sensitivity.” - Leah Cox

"I feel more clarity - more centred - stronger in everything!" - Liz Bylett

"You have an incredible ability to get the whole picture of my many projects and I am still trying to process the different perspectives we developed. It was great to get an even better appreciation of your gift for this kind of work." - Jack Saul

"When are we meditating again? Wow I had a big personal breakthrough yesterday, fixed some relationship things, and am ready to rock and roll." - Sandra Malhotra

“Noam was inspirational, dynamic and 'a breath of fresh air’” - Kerry Herbert

“He is an absolute goldmine of knowledge which he imparts articulately, readily and with great humour. He is an extremely personable and enthusiastic” - Philip Holmes

What I do with these conversations has very little to do with what other people do. When it comes to working with someone, it’s us against the laws of nature. I don’t know what I’m gonna say, I don’t know what I’m gonna ask. I know roughly how long I have to do make magic happen. Then it’s a game where you have set time to go further than you thought you would. That's when you can do things that are literally impossible to imagine sitting here, but that happen all the time during a deep exploration. I’ll take the chance to go out there and make a mistake. I’ll take that chance for the privilege of doing something unique, one time only. Because the person walking out of the conversation may have changed the course of their lives. And that is magical.  

These conversations are for those who are curious and want to explore their experience of life in a deeper way. This is for people who seek questions more than answers. The round pegs in a square hole who want something to be different. The explorer and adventurers. The creators and entrepreneurs. The spiritual warriors and healers. If you want to go deeper into your experience of live and how to make it more magical, come to me with a question, or a topic you want to explore, and we will find a time to talk. 

Each conversation is blocked for 2h and takes place via Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

Fee for these explorations = $250 / £188 

*I also offer a limited number of Pay What You Can sessions for people who cannot afford full-fee. Don’t let money stand between us. If you are ready to explore and go deep together, I’ll do what I can regardless of money.

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